Like so many of his fellow PGA Professionals, Jeff Miller has always been fascinated by the golf industry and its wide web of interconnectivity. So much so, in fact, that it’s actually propelled him to discover an entirely new niche within the golf business that could potentially save a lot of golf courses.

Miller, a PGA Member since 1993, works for a company out of Overland Park, Kansas, called Fairway Suites. Its goal is to look for unused land by golf courses and add a hotel next to it, providing another level of value that would’ve otherwise been open space.

“We’re taking land that was literally producing no revenue and turning it into a piece of property that can result in unique revenue streams for courses,” says Miller, PGA Director of Business Development for Fairway Suites. “It’s a win-win-win for the hotel owner, the golf course owner and the PGA Professional.”

One example Miller points to that has been successful with the help of Fairway Suites is the one he used to run as PGA General Manager: Deer Creek Golf Club in Kansas City.

“We usually had about 25 weddings a year, and with the hotel, it went up to 70,” adds Miller.

“You’re also getting more banquets, additional golf rounds, food & beverage revenue – the value of adding a hotel can be a huge boost in a number of ways.”

With his position, Miller has found a unique niche within the golf industry, and believes that more of these positions are possible for those looking to find their own place in the game.

“We get so locked into the daily grind of the golf business, that we don’t know what else is out there,” says Miller. “There are so many skills that a PGA Professional has, and so many ways to apply them. Find one you align with that’s different.”