Hotel Benefits

Build Where Play Drives Stays

  • Capture potential 9%-11% increase in competitive occupancy share, capitalize on weekend weddings, banquets, leisure travel, and golf course traffic to drive stays.
  • Maximize rates and extend stays with the advantage of a secure, country club-type environment.
  • Save on construction costs; leverage existing course facilities to offer full-service hotel amenities for the cost of a rooms-only property.
  • Expedite time-to-market and ramp up with above-average first-year occupancy rates.
  • Minimize cost of land, Fee Simple or 99 year subordinated land lease agreement, and potential shared parking arrangements.
  • Streamline operational processes; partnering with an existing commercial entity for development, reap benefits of lower costs in bringing utilities to the site, as well as mitigating zoning and entitlement issues.

Stay & Play

Capitalize on the bustling tourism market for recreational travelers and the convenience of being onsite at a popular attraction.

  • The golf course facilities naturally deliver a base of potential hotel clients, generated by the 25,000-50,000 rounds of golf played annually and existing club members, plus meeting and banquet customers.
  • The country club atmosphere provides a resort-type facility where guests can enjoy golf, driving range, putting green, food and beverage, meeting and banquet facilities.
  • Accommodations for golf tournaments and special club events (i.e. weddings, parties, family and classreunions, holiday celebrations, etc.) INCREASE weekend occupancy.
  • Co-marketing of hotel and golf course will reach a wider audience and preferred demographic group.